Weaving Words, Spinning Stories!

Weaving Words, Spinning Stories

Storysinger presents a new storytelling program, combining the folk arts of Storytelling, Spinning, Weaving, Knitting and even Knotting ( well, okay macrame and a little crochet) !

LaurenLanita weaves a tapestry of tales involving spinners of nettles, gold, straw and sometimes plain or not so plain yarn. There's a boy who's very proud of his mother's knitting;  old women who like to knit and spin; a lazy young girl who refuses to spin; a clever young woman who insists her future husband have a skill, even if he is a prince; and a wife who may not be what she seems.

During the stories LaurenLanita spins, knits or weaves as the story dictates. After the storytelling, she demonstrates various stages of spinning, knitting or weaving. Stories and demonstrations are tailored to the age of the group. Younger children are told shorter stories accompanied by songs (did I forget to mention the "Spinning Song" ?).

The program can also be extended to include a related craft making session.

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