Once Upon A Song!

ONCE UPON A SONG! is a unique program that combines a variety of elements.
Using some children's literature, folksongs, nursery rhymes, movement activities, circle and storytelling games, folktales, fairy tales and traditional children's songs, I present a themed program that is fun and interactive.

ONCE UPON A SONG! was developed for children from 2 to 5 years.

Programs with 30 children or less include the use of either puppets or percussion instruments by the children.

A Once Upon A Song program lasts approximately 45 minutes.

Below is a sample Once Upon A Song! program (various components may be added or subtracted).
A variety of themes are available.
A typical program might include:
An Opening Song
A Movement Activity
A Story or Storysong
A Fingerplay
Another Movement Activity
A Story
A Wind Down Song or Activity
A Closing Song

For more information email me at LaurenLanitaStorysinger@gmail.com