Holiday/Seasonal Programs

Pumpkins! Pumpkins! Pumpkins! - Tales of huge pumpkins, pumpkin children and mysterious pumpkin shells. Perfect for the holidays season. (adaptable for all ages)

Harvest Tales (and tunes) - stories of turkeys and pumpkins; fall harvests and eating.

Silly not Scary Stories - Stories perfect for a fall evening and the younger listener.

Jump Tales! - Tales for the older listener who enjoys a tale that gives them a delicious shiver.

Holiday Sing Along - A program of traditional and not so traditional songs to celebrate the holidays, with a holiday story thrown in.
Be ready to sing along and to play a few percussion instruments to celebrate the season.

The Holiday Sing Along can be combined with the:

Legends of Christmas - Some of the Legends of some of the many symbols of Christmas. The stories come from many different cultures and countries.

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