Storytelling Workshops

Becoming a Story Teacher: Using Picture Books to promote storytelling and story re-enacting; and to enhance creativity and self-expression in children of all ages.     

 This interactive workshop will discuss and demonstrate activities that participants can easily integrate into their routine.

Using picture books based primarily on folktales (and variations of these tales), fairy tales and poetry, children can be introduced to story reenacting and eventually to telling and acting out their own stories. The use of creative dramatics, movement, story songs, puppets and Kamishibai (Japanese paper theatre) will be discussed.

The workshop will also touch on Vivian Paley's Storytelling Curriculum.

Workshop participants will have an opportunity to become part of a story reenactment.

 By the end of the session attendees will have practical knowledge of how to begin implementing a story program and a list of picture books and other resources.

Using Stories and the Creative Arts to Enhance your Nature-based Curriculum

Reading picture books outside can be more than just an outdoor story time.
This interactive workshop, ideally presented outdoors, invites the participants to think of storytelling and picture books in a new way. Storytelling in nature, about nature can encourage children to explore, touch and discover.

Participants will brainstorm ways to move literature outdoors and make a list of what to look for in choosing a nature themed children's picture book or folktale. There will also be suggests on how to use non-nature themed stories outdoors.

After these short discussions attendees will take part in a NatureTelling adventure. Participants will be led to various story stations.  While going to these stations, they will participate in movement activities and a mini scavenger hunt. All of these activities are integrated with the story and become a natural part of the NatureTelling adventure.

At the end of the adventure, the items collected in our scavenger hunt can be used to retell the story.

NatureTelling uses a variety of storytelling techniques such as story walks and Kamishibai. Nature folktales, picture books and songs can be used as an introduction to aspects of nature and the environment. Creative arts activities such as story stones, storytelling games, stone games and chants and crafts that use natural elements can be used to enhance and extend the story and to encourage children to further explore nature.

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