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I'm LaurenLanita and I'm so glad that you've come to my Storytelling blog.

As a storyteller I offer a variety of programs as well as a few storytelling workshops (click on the link for a more detailed description of each program)

Once Upon A Song! - a program primarily for ages 2 to 6 years

From Lit to Skit - a program designed for Elementary and Middle School aged children

Headful of Stories! - this program has a variety of different themes/stories available

Granny Tales and Granny Squares -  a program consisting of stories of Grannies and Old Women while displaying (or even making on the spot) a variety of granny square motifs and relating the square design to the stories.

Weaving Words, Spinning Stories - a storytelling program, combining the folk arts of Storytelling, Spinning, Weaving, Knitting and even Knotting ( well, okay macrame and a little crochet) !

Holiday and Seasonal Programs - everything from Pumpkins and harvest to the legends of Christmas and seasonal sing-a-longs

(other) Adult Storytelling Programs - storytelling is for everyone of all ages

Click here to find out about the relationship between Storytelling and the National Language Arts Standards

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